The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) defines a community-based pharmacist as a pharmacist who routinely provides patient care services that meet their patients’ needs within any community-based setting. Community-based pharmacy settings are those that take place outside of the inpatient health-system setting (e.g., chain and independent pharmacy, hospital outpatient clinics and pharmacies, physician offices, nursing homes, federally qualified health centers, etc.).

Are you a pharmacist that supports the advocacy of community-based pharmacy? The Academy of Community-Based Pharmacists began in August 2018. The Academy allows community-based pharmacists to collaborate and represent community-based pharmacy as one united voice. Membership in the Academy is open to any Society member who considers him/herself a community-based pharmacist.

The Benefits of the Academy of Community-Based Pharmacists include:

  • Networking and collaboration with other community-based pharmacists across the state.
  • Opportunities for community-based pharmacists to be involved in legislative policy, CE events/education, networking, and future CPS endeavors.
  • Representation and promotion of the community-based pharmacy profession, including special interest practices or local practice settings.
  • Electing one member of the academy to serve on the board of directors.
    - This representative will be the leadership voice for community-based pharmacy and advocate for community-based pharmacists within CPS.
  • Leadership positions within the academy. 

Please contact Anthony Lipparelli at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you for your continued involvement!


Chair: Anthony Lipparelli
Immediate Past Chair: Elton Nguyen
Secretary/Treasurer: Arianna Sanchez
Legislative Liaison: Michael Hinnenkamp


Spring 2022 - Volunteering Event at Food Bank of the Rockies 

Spring 2021 - Volunteering Event at Food Bank of the Rockies