CPS Academies - Network With Your People! 

The Colorado Pharmacists Society recognizes groups of pharmacists or technicians practicing within the State of Colorado by establishing academies representing special interest practices or local practice settings. The academies provide the discipline-specific (or area-specific) opportunity for networking with other pharmacists and medical professionals associated with your practice setting.

The CPS members interested in participating in a particular academy may indicate so on their membership form, join the group online or provide the information to the CPS office. 

To add an academy to your profile and start to make connections in your network, click on the link, login if you haven’t already done so, click on ‘edit profile’ and scroll down to select the appropriate academy.

Add an academy to your profile


Learn more about each academy below! 

Academy of Health-System Pharmacists
Academy of New Practitioners
Academy of Student Pharmacists
Academy of Pharmacy Technicians
Academy of Community-Based Pharmacists
Academy of Clinical Specialists

Academy Request for Funding Form