Are you a pharmacist that supports the advocacy of community pharmacy? The Academy of Community Pharmacists was started in August 2018. The academy allows community pharmacists to collaborate together and represent pharmacists in the community pharmacy setting as one united voice. Membership in the Academy is open to any Society member who considers him/herself a community pharmacist.


Chair: Robert Willis
Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren Trupiano
Legislative Committee Liaison: Lucas Smith 


The benefits of the Academy of Community Pharmacists include:

  • Networking and collaboration with other community pharmacists across the state.
  • Opportunities for community pharmacists to be involved in legislative policy, CE events/education, networking, and future CPS endeavors.
  • Representation and promotion of the community pharmacy profession, including special interest practices or local practice settings.
  • Electing one member of the academy to serve on the board of directors.  
    • This representative will be the leadership voice for community pharmacy and advocate for community pharmacists within CPS. 
  • Leadership positions within the academy.

Please contact Robert Willis ([email protected]) with any questions. Thank you for your continued involvement!