Member Benefits

The Colorado Pharmacists Society is seeking feedback and information on what is important to pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians within the state of Colorado.  CPS wants to gather specific information on specific needs and connectivity preferences.  The information will be utilized to assist CPS in developing initiatives that can provide benefit to the profession of pharmacy across the state.


Active members receive many benefits from their membership with the Colorado Pharmacists Society.

  • Over 30 hours of live ACPE-approved continuing education programs
  • Bi-weekly electronic newsletter providing the latest news and information
  • Advocacy for the profession at the legislature and Board of Pharmacy
  • Access to the website’s MEMBER ONLY pages
    • Earliest web notifications of evening CE programs

Much of the benefits are provided through the efforts of a number of volunteer member committees. All members are encouraged to investigate and participate in these committees to complete tasks to enrich the society. Find out more about CPS committees by clicking on the Committees link above.

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Membership Dues

Dues collected for membership fees support the legislative and continuing education services provided to the society and its members. Since 2/1/2001, the annual dues set by the board of directors are member type specific.

Member Types

Membership privileges are related to the member’s type and are regulated by the bylaws of the society.

Type Description Annual Dues Monthly Dues*
Pharmacist Any person who is licensed to practice pharmacy in any state, district,
or territory of the United States and whose primary residence is in
$205 $20
Pharmacist (Resident, 1st yr) Newly licensed with Colorado State Board and/or
participating in a Colorado residency program
$100 $9
Retired Pharmacist No longer actively practicing and licensed with the
Colorado State Board of Pharmacy
$145 $13
Associate Any individual associated with pharmacy wishing to support CPS $195 $19
Non-resident Pharmacist Any person who is licensed to practice pharmacy in any state, district,
or territory of the United States and whose primary residence is NOT in
$195 $19
Student Individual studying pharmacy or to become a pharmacy technician $10 N/A
Technician  Pharmacy technician with or without CPhT $45 N/A

*Convenient monthly billing option available

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Contribution or gifts to the Colorado Pharmacists Society are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, such payments may be deductible as business expenses or other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Service requires notification of the allocation of lobbying expense included in total membership dues which is not deductible. This amount is 30% of dues. Please consult with your accountant or tax attorney on these matters.